Thursday, 25 October 2007


In 2001 I attended cosmetic course, where I learnt how to tattoate and do the permanent make-up. Since then Im doing it on a quite regular basis. I wouldn't say I actually enjoy torturing people, but imagine the feeling when you touch the skin and you draw a line with the needle, that stays there forever.Its demands a high level of concentration. After doing a big tattoo for several hours, Im completely knackered.

these two are fresh and as you see there is almost no blood, because I use surface anesthetics, which helps me lower the stress which might appear because of pain, and so the time of healing is shorter. Nowadays machines have a kind of feature, which could freeze the part of skin you work on and it completely releases pain stress and there is also no need for expensive anesthetics. But these are expensive toys that I can just dream about now.

Before tattooating customers have to be clear about what and why they want it. I refused few requests, because I haven't agreed with them. There was a girl ,for example, who wanted me to make her a huge spot in the mid of her forehead.

Before tattooating I introduce the customer all the procedures, they also need to know if they have alergic skin reactions. Sometimes I make an unseen probe, so we see how skin reacts. So far I tattooated over 50 people and no one had any problems or complaints.

This is my latest work. I design all by myself, each person has its own and I never repeat them.

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Barbara said...

I would love to be tattoed, so I'm wondering what would be the price for one :)